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Safe Task Force

N-Gage is a deliverer as part of Manchester City Councils Safe Task Force Project.

Residentials Adventure N-Gage

We have two Mentors working in a North Manchester school. The targeted support, backed by £30 million of government funding, is a part of a rollout of 10 ‘SAFE’ (Support, Attend, Fulfil, Exceed) task forces in ‘hotspot’ areas, where incidents of serious youth violence are highest. These will be led by local schools, bringing headteachers together to support vulnerable young people, and avoid them becoming involved in county lines and criminal activity.

The investment will help focus on improving pupils’ attendance, reducing the likelihood of young people being permanently excluded from school, and keeping young people focused on their education. Our mentors will work with a caseload of up to 20 pupils identified by the school as being at risk, they will work intensely to support them, build links with their families and other agencies they may have contact with and try and support them to stay in education find activities outside of school to help them avoid becoming a part of the criminal justice system.