Our mission
and values

At N-Gage we want to do all we can to support young people to reach their full potential, in all our programmes and activities we always strive to ensure young people are front and centre of the work we do. We have learnt over the years that ensuring young people feel they are supported to reach and achieve their goal and ambitions is the best way to work.  

Everyone involved in N-Gage is aligned to these ambitious yet achievable goals

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N-Gage Revolution Weeks
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Young Person Centred

Our young people are our number one priority, as well as their family, quality of life and school.

Meeting young people where they are at geographically & emotionally

We provide detached and centre based support – anywhere there is a need.

Committed to work with the most difficult to reach

We want to work with the young people that might not have received the support they need elsewhere. 

Keen to challenge stereotypes & champion young people

We are an advocate for our young people. We give them a voice, fight for their rights and offer opportunities.

Committed to early intervention

We work with schools early on, we don’t want to be a last resort option for our young people and their families. We work on prevention.

Motivated by our faith and experience

No matter your religious views or spiritual belief, we always act with compassion and kindness.

Not for profit but committed to becoming sustainable

We can do what we do because of funding, volunteering and donations. All the money we raise is spent entirely on our young people and their facilities.

We value our relationships with our young people

Every young person who works with N-Gage is treated with respect, kindness and dignity. We value the strong relationships we build.

Committed to providing quality youth work

From ensuring that our staff have the best quality training, to making sure our programmes and facilities are top tier, everything we do at N-Gage is given 100%.