Christie Spurling

Christie Spurling founded N-Gage in 2006. He has used his own experiences to develop N-Gage; a project that is already having a real impact on many young people. Permanently excluded from his high school and placed in a residential unit, his complete disengagement from education led to many struggles in later life including times of unemployment before he discovered an ability and passion for working with young people. He qualified as a youth worker and has worked as a Team Leader in a residential unit for Young People with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, Behaviour Support Worker for LEA and also as a church-based Youth Worker.

Christie is a believer in being a part of the solution.  All the programmes he has set up try to look at young people as a whole person. If they are causing problems in school it is likely that they may also be creating challenges outside of school. N-Gage is committed to encouraging all young people to be an active and positive part of their community, in school and out.

As a qualified Youth Worker with over 15 years experience, Christie runs N-Gage’s schools inclusion programme across Manchester. Married to Jo, with 2 daughters, outside work Christie is a keen drummer and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.