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Community Vehicles


For a number of years N-Gage has run youth vehicles, ranging from a truck, a bus and now a van. They are purpose built and designed to enable us to work in communities with little or no youth provision, equipped with gaming gear, music equipment, laptops and iPads. It is somewhere for young people to sit and chat, and by being fully mobile it enables us to work in multiple locations on different nights and is a highly visible advert for our work. Incredibly popular with the young people we see and play a huge role in helping reduce anti-social behaviour. 

A feature of our model for this type of work is to aim for the same location and same team each week so young people know we are coming and who will be there, as this helps to develop trust and build relationships and we know this has the biggest impact. 

We are happy to take bookings for this vehicle, having used them previously at family fundays, festivals and birthdays. For more information, please contact us to discuss your needs.