The Beats

An exciting project using the latest laptops/tablets and music software, The Beats gives pupils the chance to create their own album.

Run as an enterprise challenge, working together as a team they allocate roles including project manager and accountant and produce an album.

The album is then sold by them as a CD which people buy for a donation.  The profit that the group make will be used to help children in countries in Africa.

The Beats is a project that allows us to harness all the creative talent we see in young people, but still be educational. A lot of the pupils we work with are creative but struggle with behaviour and attitude. We hope that by taking part in The Beats they will develop new skills and work better in teams. We also hope to show them the many benefits they have growing up in the UK in comparison to children in other parts of the world who don’t have the same opportunities.

The Beats can be tailor-made for you so you can run it in youth and community groups. Please contact us to discuss this.