Specially designed by N-Gage, the Elevate school inclusion programme is designed to enable young people to reach their full potential, develop new skills and grow in confidence.  It encourages them to work through any issues they have that may be affecting their performance in school, and reflect on the wider impact of their behaviour.

Many young people on the Elevate programme are presenting challenging behaviour and beginning to make life choices which hold little hope for them.  Over a period of several weeks we work with them, covering subjects such as Drugs, Racism, Citizenship, Prison Awareness, Team Work, Community Action and Careers.

Aims of the Elevate Programme

  • To establish meaningful and trusting relationships with young people experiencing difficulties at school.
  • To identify reasons why young people may not be realising their  potential and enhance their ability to get the most out of school.
  • To encourage healthy development of self worth, self confidence, self respect, discipline and a positive attitude to school and society.
  • To improve behaviour and school attendance.
  • To assist with communication skills.
  • To assist with situation management and self control skills.
  • To reduce the possibility of school exclusion.

Who is the programme for?

Young people who are:

  • At risk of permanent exclusion.
  • Frequently on report for poor behaviour.
  • Regularly absent
  • Displaying poor lesson behaviour
  • Demonstrating a poor attitude to teachers, peers and the wider  community.
  • In trouble with the police.