Schools Work

N-Gage’s schools work started back in 2007 when we were invited to work with a group of extremely challenging pupils within a school for a few weeks. Since that invitation, We have come on in leaps and bounds and work with many of the toughest young people who struggle with education across Manchester and Cheshire.

Since the day we started in schools, our schools work has developed into a variety of streams of learning which gives young people who are close to social and educational exclusion an opportunity to engage in different programme-based projects, workshops, assemblies and one-to-one mentoring which will support them in reaching their full potential.

After completing a range of our provision within schools, here are some of the responses afterwards:

“Can I just pass on a huge thank you to Gemma and Christie for all their hard work and brilliance as part of the BEATS programme… the kids have really enjoyed and got a lot out of it!” Matthew Williamson, Headteacher at Stockport School December 2016
“N-Gage has been in working in our school for a short while with a group of young people that are disaffected and under achieving. One of the strengths of the N-Gage staff is the positive relationships they have built up very quickly with the students.  They are non-judgemental, empathetic but assertive in their approach.  These relationships are bringing some of our vulnerable students out of their shell and raising their self-esteem. The attendance figures for many of the students are already seeing a rise after such a short time.” Karen Bayley, ASPIRE Manager at The Macclesfield Academy – January 2015
“We had N-Gage working with a group of our pupils for 10 sessions. The children were engaged throughout, and it was wonderful to see a group of pupils with usually low self-confidence and motivation taking part in a project with enthusiasm, commitment and pride. The pupils and parents were delighted with the programme and the highlight for me was when this group of pupils shared their completed music CDs in an assembly at the end of the project, talking about their achievements and accepting positive attention and praise of it – this simply would not have been possible 10 weeks earlier”.  Jo Ashcroft, Headteacher at Manor Park Primary School, Knutsford – April 2015
“It was clear that The Beats Programme had a positive impact on the young people who took part. The attendance and engagement from pupils during these sessions, along with the ‘pupil voice’ activity that has been completed following the programme, is evidence of this positive impact. Pupils had a sense of belonging during the project and for some this increased their self confidence and self esteem. All pupils felt a sense of pride in the work they had produced and acknowledged that hard work does reap rewards. Some of the students commented on the opportunity they had to learn new skills and they also spoke positively about the relationships they felt they had developed with N-Gage staff. The N-Gage staff are reliable and clearly experienced at engaging hard to reach pupils and because of this, we are keen to develop our links with N-Gage.” Clare Morgan, Deputy Headteacher at Weaverham High School – July 2015