N-Gage carries out its work with young people through a variety of established and evolving projects. The current areas that we work in are:

  • School's Work


    Specially designed by N-Gage, the Elevate school inclusion programme is designed to enable young people to reach their full potential, develop new skills and grow in confidence.  It encourages them to work through any issues they have that may be affecting their performance in school, and reflect on the wider impact of their behaviour. Many… Read more »

  • Detached Youth Work

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    Catalyst is N-Gage’s detached youth work programme, launched in October 2011 in partnership with Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police. Catalyst offers a highly flexible and targeted approach towards anti-social behaviour, youth crime, disengagement and community disturbance. It is an early-intervention strategy that focuses on hard-to-reach young people by providing mobile youth services. Eight… Read more »

  • Enterprise Projects


    An exciting project using the latest laptops/tablets and music software, The Beats gives pupils the chance to create their own album. Run as an enterprise challenge, working together as a team they allocate roles including project manager and accountant and produce an album. The album is then sold by them as a CD which people… Read more »

  • Community Action


    Transforming Young People, Transforming Communities Day long activities centred around community action projects for which the young people are rewarded with trips or activities.  Many of the young people who take part in Transform have been involved with N-Gage’s school work.  The community projects support the work done in school and enable us to assess… Read more »

  • Activity Days for Groups


    Revolution activity weeks are a great opportunity to take young people out for a week of  day trips during the school holidays. The day trips open them up to a wide range of experiences: the seaside, activity centres, bowling, golf, laser questing. They also build them up as individuals, developing their confidence, their ability to… Read more »

  • Leadership Development


    The Young Leaders’ Programme: ‘An urban Duke of Edinburgh – without the camping!’ We have developed this exciting programme to work with those aged 16-19 who we have already had some contact with us through our schools or detached work. This programme gives young people the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as well as… Read more »