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Getting alongside students who are disengaged from education and are at risk of exclusion is at the heart of what we do. 

We work with schools around Greater Manchester to offer a range of intervention programmes and initiatives to support and mentorship.


Work with local schools

N-Gage Case Study Youth Group
Programmes at N-Gage Support in Schools
N-Gage group for young people

Our play schemes provide fun activities for young people including: Arts and crafts, sports, team games and trips to local parks.


Play Schemes

N-Gage Revolution Weeks
Group Holiday Club N-Gage
Programmes at N-Gage


Family Intervention

Supporting families in Manchester with one-on-one assistance, we address specific challenges, such as the risk of involvement in criminal activities or the potential breakdown of family relationships.

Read about family intervention

Our residential programmes offer children and young people a chance to break away from their local communities, acquire new skills, and enjoy quality time with their friends.