Royal Oak Residential

Royal Oak Residential October 2016

During the half term holiday in conjunction BBC Children in Need we took 10 young people away on residential to the Kepplewray centre. Over the last year the team in Royal Oak have built relationships with this group of young people and wanted to take them somewhere away from their familiar surroundings. The activities that we all took part in included canoeing, archery, tree climbing, abseiling and Ghyll scrambling.

The young people (and Catalyst workers) really enjoyed the week. Everyone learnt new skills and some learnt to overcome existing fears. One young person said “If I had never done this (abseiling) I would always be scared of heights, I had to do it because I wanted to prove that I could”  Throughout the week we were supported by two brilliant and very patient Kepplewray instructors who taught us everything that we needed to know to ensure we did each activity safely.

The new young people really bonded with the instructors and during a feedback session said the following “they were brilliant” “They really helped and supported me” “I am so glad they encouraged me to do things that I would have normally walked away from”

Each day was filled with activities and it was really encouraging to see this group develop during the week. As the week went by, each day you could see an improvement in teamwork, listening skills and communication. We also had great fun in the evening, doing video diaries and other games.

On the final evening we asked everyone what they enjoyed the most. Almost all of the group said “Ghyll Scrambling” One young person though summed the week up perfectly they said “Just having the opportunity to do something different, learn loads, have fun and hang out with people that I consider my friends”

They went on to say “N-Gage is like a family to me”