Grow Your Tenner is Back!

From Tuesday 13th October at 10am, Local Giving will be matching one-time donations to N-Gage pound for pound up to £10, so your £10 will become £20!

AND if you commit to giving £10 for three months, they will match that too, so your £30 donation will total £60 for N-Gage!

We know that times are tight for many of us, but if you are able to give £10 to N-Gage this October, or even pledge £30 over three months, your incredible donation will be worth twice that and will have twice the impact on the work we deliver in schools and communities across Greater Manchester to help young people reach their full potential.

Please give if you can, and if possible, please do set up a direct debit to give £30 over three months. After your donation you can then cancel the direct debit if you choose to.

This campaign through Local Giving could potentially allow N-Gage to access up to £10,000 through their match funding,  our aim is to raise £1,000 so with your original gift to us, we could raise £2,000. This would make a huge difference to the lives of many young people across Greater Manchester.

If you already give to N-Gage or have done so in the past we are so grateful to you, but to take advantage of Grow Your Tenner you will need to make an additional donation or set up a new direct debit as this money must be donated through Local Giving.

To make a donation and GROW YOUR TENNER, click here!

Thank you so much for your continued support of N-Gage.