Fundraising for the youth centre in Burnage

We have had a couple of reports of two young lads knocking on doors in Burnage and Heaton Moor with an N-Gage flyer for our Transform project. They have been asking for donations to either a community centre or youth centre in Burnage. We have made contact with some local young people who may well be aware of our plans to open a centre in Burnage but as a charity we have only ever encouraged people to donate to this project online. As all our plans are subject to a lease being signed we would never ask for donations that we could not trace. If the lease fell through our online campaign would allow us to easily refund people. As a responsible charity we would NEVER ask young people to door knock on our behalf. I have tonight reported it to GMP. If any of our supporters have encountered these two lads can I ask you to contact me and I will give you an incident number to log it with GMP. It is possible they are acting in good faith but they have not contacted us to ask our permission or discuss how to get any money raised back to us. As a youth charity we don’t want to criminalise young people but it is an offence to ask for money fraudulently.

Christie Spurling, CEO