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N-Gage Case Study Youth Group

(Images are for illustration only – not actual young people described)

Youth Group Case Study N-Gage

When we first met X, he was very challenging towards his peers and on occasions our staff team.

X has had a very rocky path through education and was permanently excluded from mainstream education during year 7.
With our youth workers support we encouraged X to keep attending and engage with his education.
X has regularly attended our sessions and has taken part in activity days and a residential.
Although X was excluded from a mainstream school he has since engaged well with his education in alternative provision. X has now settled down and has a good relationship with our team of youth worker.
X sat 6 GCSE’S and progressed to college. He recently told a member of the team how much he valued our sessions and the support we have given him.
X admitted that he was close to going down the wrong path and our sessions, together with his love of boxing has helped him stay on track.

Over the past 7 years we have worked with Y.

Y has always struggled with a lack of confidence and has had times where this has affected their general wellbeing.
We have worked with Y over a long period. Y has been on residentials and activity days with us and was involved in the development and delivery of a BBC video that shared how N-Gage can help others.
Education has always been a struggle for Y and together with their lack of confidence made it very difficult for them to engage.
Our team of youth workers have been supporting Y consistently and on occasion helped them overcome their struggles with general day to day life.
Y’S confidence has improved due to the work we have done in helping them search for, then apply for a weekend job.
Y applied for a job which they have got an interview for. This young person has chatted to our team and said how much more comfortable now about job searching and their confidence is growing.
Although Y didn’t get the first job they applied for, their improved confidence encouraged more applications until finally they secured employment within their local community.

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